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The 2018 Census

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The census is coming soon 

The next census is just around the corner. On 6 March 2018, you’ll be asked to do your part to build a snapshot of the people and places that make up New Zealand. This time around, the census is going online. You’ll be given everything you need to take part before census day. 

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Looking after your information is our priority 

When you take part in this year’s census, either online, or by paper if you prefer, we have safeguards and procedures in place to make sure your information is secure and remains confidential. Your privacy is important to us and protecting it is what we do.

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Canterbury mayors spark a conversation to get 4G rollout fast-tracked

The Canterbury Mayoral Forum wanted 4G broadband fast tracked in rural Canterbury. Digital connectivity, especially fast broadband, is critical for thriving communities. Census data was used in Spark’s business case. 

E hiahiatia ana te Wānanga Mea ō Waitaha kia haurapa hohoro te aunui 4G ki Waitaha taiwhenua. Ko te honotanga Mamati, inarā te aunui hohoro, he mea hahani mō ngā hapori tōnui. I whakamahia ngā raraunga tatauranga i roto i te kēhi pakihi ō Spark.

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