All of us count Tatau tātou

All of us count Tatau tātou

The 2023 Census closed on 30 June I kati te Tatauranga i te 30 Pipiri

Thank you to the people of Aotearoa New Zealand for taking part. The first official release of census data will be in May 2024.

Why we all do the census, and why it matters Te take e mahi nei mātou i te tatauranga, te take hoki i hira ai

The census counts every person in Aotearoa New Zealand, and the places where they live or stay.

By doing the census, you help create a clearer picture of what you, your family, and your community need.

By knowing these needs, government agencies, councils, iwi, community groups and businesses can plan how to respond to them.

Your census answers, combined with everyone else's, help groups like these help us all.

New in the 2023 Census He kaupapa hou mō te Tatauranga 2023

Many parts of the 2023 Census are the same as past censuses. But we are doing some things in new ways. These will make it easier to take part, and for us all to see ourselves in the data that is collected.

Keeping your information private, safe, and confidential Te tiaki i ō mōhiotanga kia tūmataiti, kia haumaru, kia matatapu hoki

Your information is important. So we keep it private, secure, and confidential.

We group your answers with everyone else’s answers before we release them. No one will be able to link you with your individual answers.

The more data we have about our communities, the more positive change we can make.

Neo Kenny