Scooter academy supports 2023 Census in South Auckland

Stats NZ has joined forces with New Zealand’s only scootering academy Just Scootering to bring the 2023 Census to South Auckland.

Just Scootering

25 January 2023

Just Scootering, headed by pro-scooter rider Jordan Chan who is ranked 6th in the world in the street discipline, will partner with Stats NZ to run two events in South Auckland in February.

Census Day is on 7 March 2023.  Data gathered through the census is used by communities, iwi, councils, businesses and government to make important decisions about where to fund and locate services and infrastructure across the motu; services like hospitals, schools, roads, public transport and parks and recreation facilities, power, internet, water, and housing.

The events will provide a unique opportunity to provide information about the census and its importance as well as a fun afternoon and the opportunity to learn a new skill.

“We want to encourage and support young people to be counted in the 2023 Census.  By partnering with Just Scootering we hope to create a great event for the local community, some understanding of the importance of taking part in the 2023 Census and how being counted will ultimately help them and their whānau and friends in the future,” says Simon Mason, Deputy Government Statistician and Deputy Chief Executive Census and Collections Operations.

Just Scootering director Jordan Chan started riding scooters 10 years ago and says this event gives their team a prime opportunity to share the benefits of scootering to the wider community. Jordan’s passion in the sport has allowed him to travel the world and ride at different skate parks in Australia, Europe, USA, Malaysia, China and Argentina. 

“We are delighted to partner with Stats NZ to support the 2023 Census. Auckland is in desperate need of an international standard indoor skate park facility so that it can compete internationally and hold events.  Just Scootering’s goal is to achieve this.  Census data is used to determine where recreation facilities should be located, so encouraging participation in the census will ultimately benefit us all in the end,” says Jordan Chan, Managing Director, Just Scootering says.

As well as scootering lessons, there will be competitions, cars, free haircuts, food and drink, a live band and DJ.

Event details




Saturday 11 February 2023 (contingency day is 12 Feb).

Randwick Park

1pm to 5pm

Saturday 18 February 2023

Randwick Park

1pm to 5pm

Sunday 19 February 2023

Randwick Park

1pm to 5pm