There is still time to complete the census If you do not have what you need to take part, you do not need to wait for us. You can get an access code sent to you by SMS text message. If you have any questions, please call us on 0800 CENSUS (0800 236 787).

How you will get your 2023 Census forms

We are delivering census packs from 13 February 2023. Find out how you might receive yours.

2023 Census Family member receiving bilingual pack

Census delivery timeline

  • Census Collectors began visiting households on 13 February 2023.
  • Posted census packs began arriving in letterboxes on 21 February 2023.

Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle. Working alongside affected communities, we are working to give people the time, space, and support they need to take part. More details on this will be with you soon.

If you have not got your census pack by the start of March, please contact us.

We aim to make it as easy as possible for everyone to do the census. But different people will need different things to make it easy.

Because of this, we will deliver census forms and instructions in different ways in different parts of the country. We base this on what we understand from past censuses, and from different communities.

 So depending on where you live or stay, you may get your forms and instructions:

  • before or after others in your community
  • either directly from a census collector, or in the post.

Before census day, we will deliver what you need to do the census

This will come to your dwelling (the place where you live or stay). It will be either:

  • a letter with an access code, which lets you do the census online
  • a letter with an access code, and forms to do the census on paper if you prefer.

No matter where you live, you can choose to do the census online or on paper.

  • If you get paper forms, you can still choose to do the census online.
  • If you do not get paper forms but would like them, you can order them for free.

Order paper forms

In some parts of the country, census collectors will deliver census materials to each dwelling

If you live in one of these areas, a census collector will come to your door with a letter and paper forms. They will also offer support to do the census.

If you are not at home, they will either:

  • come back later
  • leave the letter and paper forms in your letterbox

This type of delivery begins on 13 February 2023.

In other parts of the country, census materials will arrive in the post

If you live in one of these areas, keep an eye on your letterbox for either:

  • a letter with an access code
  • a letter with an access code, and paper forms.

This type of delivery begins on 21 February 2023.

In communal or temporary accommodation, the person in charge will supply census materials

Communal or temporary accommodation includes places like hotels, hospitals, and retirement villages.

If you are staying somewhere like this on census day, the person in charge will give you what you need to do the census.

After census day, we will follow up if we have not received your forms

If we have not received all your completed forms after census day, we will be in contact with you. Depending on how we delivered your census materials, we will:

  • visit your dwelling one or more times to collect your forms, or offer support to complete them
  • post reminder letters to your dwelling
  • both visit your dwelling and post you reminder letters.