Testing the census Te whakamātau i te tatauranga

We are running tests of our census processes and operations with the help of communities to get everything ready for the 2023 Census.

The 2022 census test has finished

Thank you to everyone who took part. You have helped us get ready for the next census.


If you were invited to participate but did not complete your forms, you do not need to do anything else.

Before each national census, Stats NZ tests how key elements of census operations work to confirm the final design of the next census. The next census will be held in early 2023.

We are running a census test from February to April 2022, in parts of Auckland and Tauranga. Around 21,000 households and dwellings have been chosen to take part.

A census test works a lot like the real census. If you are in the area where the census test is being held, you will be asked to complete a census form, or more if you are doing forms for children in your household or are filling out the form for your dwelling. And just like in a census year, you will see census staff out and about or receive letters with instructions on how to complete the forms.

Taking part in the census test is voluntary and if you are in the test areas, we would appreciate you doing your part and helping make the next census a success.

2022 census test areas

We are testing the census in parts of Auckland and Tauranga. Check the maps to see which areas are included in the test.

Non-private dwellings

We will be completing the census test with non-private dwellings like hotels, retirement complexes, and hospitals in some areas. Local census teams will connect with non-private dwellings in the communities we are testing in to ensure residents and visitors are aware of and can take part in the census. We encourage you to take part, as your responses will help make the test a success.

What is a non-private dwelling?