What is new in the 2023 Census? He aha ngā mea hou i te Tatauranga 2023?

We are doing some things differently for the next census.

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  • We will have more than double the number of census staff dropping off and collecting forms and helping people in communities to complete their forms. We will employ local people wherever we can who are connected and know their communities.
  • You will not have to wait to census day to complete your census forms; you will be able to complete your forms as soon as you receive them. Our aim is to provide everyone with what they need earlier, to enable participation before census day. You will also have the choice of doing the census online or on paper.
  • There will be different formats to support more people. This is part of the work we are doing to strengthen our commitment to accessibility and better serve the needs of our diverse communities.
  • We are introducing questions about sexual identity, variations of sex characteristics, and gender. This will help more people see themselves in the data we collect and provide more information about rainbow communities.
  • We have established community engagement teams to engage earlier with communities, to build understanding of the importance of census, and to support communities with their goals for census.
  • We are working with iwi and communities to make sure everyone understands the value of being included in the census data set to help iwi and other community leaders use data for their own benefit.
  • We are investing in making it easier for Māori, Pacific peoples, ethnic communities, disabled people, and both older and younger people to participate in the census.
  • After the 2023 Census we will be doing the New Zealand Disability Survey to help us get a better picture of the lives of disabled people and people with long-term health conditions in Aotearoa New Zealand. In the census we will be asking for your phone number so we can contact you if you are selected to participate in the Disability Survey. Your phone number will not be used for anything else and will be kept completely private. Phone numbers will never be included in any published data sets.