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Information for Assisted Completion Locations

Assisted Completion Locations (ACLs) provide accessible and trusted community locations where people can seek advice and support to complete their census.

Assistance comes in many forms including providing a computer, internet access, help with understanding, or to overcome language barriers. The level of assistance required may be different for each person and the aim is that people are supported to complete their census with independence and dignity. Because the census contains personal questions, sensitivity and discretion are advised in all cases.

If your organisation has agreed to be an ACL, you will receive:

  • an information pack with 2023 Census promotional items including flyers and posters (some ACLs will also receive a 2023 Census flag)
  • training, starting in mid-January.

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Key dates

Key dates

  • 7 February 2023
    • Census public contact centre opens (0800 CENSUS/0800 236 787).
  • 13 February 2023
    • Delivery of census letters and packs begins.
    • ACLs open.
  • 7 March 2023
    • Census Day.
  • 7 April 2023
    • ACLs close.

We expect the busiest period for ACLs will be the week before and after Census Day (7 March 2023).

Information session

Information session presentation

Assisted completion location information session presentation (PDF 1.3MB)

Privacy and security of census information

Stats NZ takes the privacy and confidentiality of survey respondents and the information they provide seriously. We work hard to meet our obligations under the Privacy Act 2020 and Data and Statistics Act 2022 and have appropriate measures and processes in place to protect people’s data and personal identity.

We are really grateful that you have agreed to help by assisting others to complete their census forms. This may involve others choosing to put their trust in you by sharing details about themselves when asking for assistance to complete census forms. 

We ask that you respect the trust that others have placed in you by respecting their privacy through:

  • not sharing any personal information you may see or hear as you assist others complete the census
  • allowing individuals to complete their form in private where they do not wish to have an active assistance.

Step-by-step guide to completing a census form

Step-by-step guide to completing a census form

Download the step-by-step guide (A3 PDF, 441KB) 

Has the person brought their paper forms or internet access code with them?

Yes: Completing census forms using own paper forms or internet access code

Step 1. Does the person want to complete their census using their paper forms or online using their internet access code?

Note: online completion of census forms is faster and returns the information to Stats NZ instantly.

No: Request paper forms or internet access code

Step 1. Does the person want to complete their census using paper forms or online using an internet access code?

Note: It is faster to complete census forms online, it returns the information to Stats NZ instantly. Paper forms will be mailed and will take a few days to arrive at the person’s address.

Video walkthrough of completing the 2023 Census online

This video shows the process of completing the 2023 Census online for a private dwelling.

It is included for your reference as an ACL. Please do not share it as an instructional video for people wanting to complete the census. We will share other resources for this purpose soon.

Posters and flyers

You can download A3 posters and A5 flyers about the 2023 Census in English, te reo Māori and 26 other languages from this section.

You can also download A3 posters promoting your ACL in the same languages. Enter any relevant details about your location in the white space.

If you require files for professional print (with bleed and trim marks), please contact

Other resources for promoting the census in your community