Information about census to share with your community

Written copy, links, and digital files that can be used to share information about the census with your networks and in your communities and workplaces.

All of us are part of the 2023 Census. Tatau tātou – All of us count.

We encourage you to use this material for your websites, social media accounts, workplace channels, and meeting places – anywhere it might help people learn about the 2023 Census and the data we will produce as a country to support future decisions that affect us all.

We will continue to add new material throughout the 2023 Census cycle. If you have any suggestions or requests for specific material, please email us. We will do our best to get you what you need.


Thank you for supporting the 2023 Census.

Copy for your communications

Feel free to adapt this copy for your own internal and external channels and audiences.

'All of us count - Why the census matters' booklet

A collection of stories from communities around Aotearoa New Zealand about the benefits of census data for them. 

'All of us count - Why the census matters' booklet (PDF 1.2MB)

View these stories online individually

Social media posts you can share

2023 Census data is coming soon. Stats NZ will release the first look at census data at the end of May 2024, with much more to follow between October 2024 and August 2025.

In the months since the census collection, Stats NZ has been processing census responses to create a final census data set. That work includes things like:

✅ checking for and removing any duplicate forms
✅ using admin data to fill gaps in responses to produce the best data possible
✅ taking census responses and turning them into the kind of data everyone can use while maintaining the confidentiality of everyone who took part.

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