What questions are in the 2023 Census

Preview all the questions in the 2023 Census. Each question has information about why we ask it, and some have tips for answering them.

Completing Census forms

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On this page:

The 2023 Census questions are in two census forms

  • The Dwelling Form is about your dwelling (the place where you live or stay).
  • The Individual Form is about you.

If you are staying in a non-private dwelling on census night (somewhere that offers temporary or communal accommodation, such as a hotel, hospital, or retirement home), you will not need to complete a Dwelling Form.

There are online and paper versions of each form, which both ask the same questions

No matter which version you complete, you are asked for the same information.

However, the order and wording of some questions are slightly different in each version. This is because:

  • answering a question on a web page is different to answering it on paper (for example, you type instead of write)
  • an online form can choose the questions that are relevant to you based on your previous answers (for example, it does not need to ask you about rent if you have already answered that you own your dwelling).

This page includes the questions as they appear in both versions of the forms

These are:

  • divided into the sections from the online version of the census forms
  • numbered according to the paper version of the census forms.

You will not need to answer all these questions in the census, as some questions apply only to some people or dwellings. For example:

  • dwellings which have an owner or part-owner living there do not need to answer questions about rent
  • people who do not usually live in New Zealand do not need to answer questions 7 to 9 on the Dwelling Form
  • people 14 years or younger do not need to answer questions 25 to 53 on the Individual Form.


Dwelling Form questions

Household setup section questions


Dwelling Form: section 1 questions

Dwelling Form: section 2

Dwelling Form: section 2 questions

Individual Form

Section 1 questions

Individual Form: section 2

Individual Form: section 2 questions

Individual Form: section 3

Individual Form: section 3 questions

Individual Form: section 4

Individual Form: section 4 questions