Post-census day reminder letters

After every census day, we contact households which may not have finished the census yet. One of the ways we do this is with reminder letters. The first of these post-census day letters will start arriving this week.

Reminder Letters

We know there is a lot of interest in our letters, so here are a few more points you may like to know.

You may get a reminder letter even though you have completed the census (thank you!)

Some people who have already completed the census will get sent a letter. For example:

  • people who completed their forms in the past couple of days, after we posted the reminder
  • people who posted paper forms back to us which have not arrived yet.

If this is you, you can ignore the reminder letter and recycle it. You have done what you need to do. Thank you for taking part!

Some households will get a letter if they have only completed some forms

If there were people at home on Census Night (Tuesday 7 March 2023), your household will need to complete:

  • a Dwelling Form
  • an Individual Form for each person that stayed there.

If we only have some of these forms from your household, you might get a letter that asks for the remaining forms to be completed.

This letter has another new private access code

Like the first census letters, each reminder letter includes a new private access code. You can use this or any other code your household has received to do the census online.

We include a new access code each time to keep things private for you. It means that if anyone else got this new letter, they could not use the code to see any information you have already entered.

You may get a letter even if no one was at home on census night

Only dwellings that had people staying in them on Census Night (Tuesday 7 March 2023) need to take part in the 2023 Census.

But if your dwelling was empty and no one told us, we might still contact you.

If this is you, you can do one of the following to let us know that your dwelling was empty:

A small number of households may get more than one letter

This could happen if your address was ever used for multiple dwellings (for example, a house and a granny flat). If you get more than one letter, please contact us with your address, and we will update the details in our system.