Support Resources

We've created support resources for you to use with your community, share with your members, or use in your classroom to help make it as easy as possible for people to understand more about the census, and to help them take part online.

Helping your community

If you're supporting someone to take part in the census, or want to bring people together to complete their information at the same time, then these resources should come in handy. The step-by-step guide summarises how to help someone through the census online and the completion support guide contains more information about the changes for the 2018 Census and tips for helping people complete their forms online. We've also put together a checklist of things you'll need to consider if you're running an event, and provided an example of the access code letter.

Primary and Intermediate Schools

We've worked with the education sector and a group of teachers to produce these activities, to give children at primary and intermediate schools a chance to learn more about the census. We want to inspire them to see the relevance of the data generated in their own lives and to be able to talk about data and the census at school and at home.

SeniorNet Resources

Stats NZ is working with SeniorNet to support people to complete the census. Between Wednesday 28 February and Friday 9 March, SeniorNet will provide guidance and free computer use for people over 50 to fill in their census at learning centres across the country. You can download regional flyers below that can be distributed or shared with people who you think would benefit from this offer.

Can you help us spread the word about the census?

Do you have a website, newsletter or Facebook page that could help us spread the word about the census? You can use the images in the folder linked below to promote the census on your channels.

When you click on this link, you'll land on a Stats NZ login screen. Please follow the instructions supplied there to log in, and open the folder '2018 Census Digital Tiles' to download the files that fit your needs.