Terms of use Ngā ture whakamahi

You need to follow some rules when you use this website.

The terms of use for this website are the rules you must follow in order to use this website. If you choose to use this website, then you are agreeing to these terms.  

About this website 

Census.govt.nz (‘this website’) is a website operated by Stats NZ in order to inform people about and to conduct the New Zealand Census of Population and Dwellings. 

The terms of use and copyright listed on this page apply to the entire website, including all links/web addresses/URLs starting with ‘census.govt.nz’ and ‘online.census.govt.nz’. 

You should only access this website with a standard web browser 

We recommend you only access census.govt.nz and test.census.govt.nz using standard web browsers and screen-reading software to ensure full functionality of the site. 

You should not attempt to use this website in any other way without our consent, including: 

  • scraping or harvesting 
  • copying code or functionality 
  • mining data 
  • using robots or spiders 
  • using automation or other data gathering- or extraction methods. 

You cannot replicate this website or access any of the administrative or development functions for it without our consent. 

Data and information on this website 

We take care that the information on this website is accurate and up to date, but we do not guarantee it. 

We recommend you: 

  • evaluate whether the information on this website is suitable, accurate, current, complete, and relevant for your purposes 
  • get professional advice relevant to your situation if you are using the information for important decisions. 

Platform and tools 

The platform and tools we are using for this site have been chosen carefully, but because the internet is not completely secure, we cannot make any guarantee. You are responsible for making sure your computer system is secure.

Responsibility for your census information  

Stats NZ accepts responsibility for the security of the information we receive from you, and we take precautions to ensure the security of data submitted over the internet. 

Other websites not run by Stats NZ 

We take reasonable care when we link to other websites, but we have no control over what is on them or what happens when you access them. 

Links and references to websites, organisations, or people outside Stats NZ are meant to be useful, but they are not an endorsement. 

You are responsible for: 

  • assessing whether information in these websites is suitable for your purposes 
  • checking terms and conditions and privacy policies. 

Continuity of service 

We cannot guarantee that this website will always be available for your useIf we need to, we will take the website offline or remove information on it. This may happen at any time, and we do not have to give anyone notice before it happens. 

Revisions to these terms 

We may change these terms of use. The new terms will be effective from when the updated Terms of use page is published.