At Stats NZ, we do a lot with your data

We collect it through household and business surveys, from government agencies, and from some non-government agencies and iwi groups.

We analyse it, and we sometimes link it with other data or share it with government agencies. We also help others do new and useful things with it. But the identity of people, households, and businesses remain confidential within Stats NZ.

We store data securely. If it's not needed, we destroy it.

And if it is needed, we keep it safe.

If someone else wants to see or use sensitive information, we apply our 'five safes' framework.

Safe people: We only give access to researchers who can be trusted.

Safe projects: Each project must have a statistical or analytical purpose and be in the public interest. Research is always about analysis of groups, not individuals and aims to solve issues that benefit New Zealand. Researchers working with us need to share their findings.

Safe settings: Research computers are not connected to a network and only Stats NZ staff can release data.

Safe data: We remove personal identifying information such as names, addresses and dates of birth. Researchers can only use the data that relates to their research.

Safe output: Before any research results are released we double-check that individuals cannot be identified.

Your data is used to improve lives. It helps government agencies and councils make better-informed decisions about where to build schools, hospitals or recreation facilities. It helps community groups and iwi to better understand their communities and make decisions about how best to allocate scarce resources. Businesses can make better decisions about a location and investment driving growth, employment and prosperity.

At Stats NZ we do a lot to protect your data.