Privacy Tūmataitinga

We collect some information when you browse this website.

This page is about your privacy when browsing the information sections of It does not apply to the online census forms at

Find out how we protect your privacy when filling in your census forms

We collect information about visits to this website ( using Google Analytics and Tag Manager

When you browse, Google Analytics (Universal and 4) may collect information about you and how you use this website. Whether it does will depend on your device and browser settings.

We load Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager.

  • We cannot discover your identity with Google Analytics information.
  • We cannot link your browsing behaviour to your name, IP address, or exact location.
  • We cannot link Google Analytics information with your census answers.

We have enabled IP anonymisation for our Universal Analytics. This means Google Analytics anonymises your IP address “as soon as technically feasible”. We never see your IP address via Google Analytics.

Find out more about IP anonymisation at Google’s Analytics Help website

The information we can access via Google Analytics includes things like:

  • the number of visits to the website
  • the dates and times people visit the website
  • the pages people view, and how long they view them
  • the cities from which people visit the website
  • demographics
  • the ways people reached the website (for example, social media or a link from another website)
  • the technology people use to browse the website.

This information helps us with things like:

  • understanding how people find this website
  • understanding if and how we can improve this website
  • understanding if and how we can improve our communications and marketing
  • making sure people find the information they need
  • making recommendations for the next census and its website.

Learn how Google safeguards your data in Google Analytics

Third-party services

Apart from Google Analytics and Tag Manager, we use other third-party services to:

  • deliver videos and content
  • review and optimise our online advertising
  • keep the website and its visitors secure.


We use YouTube to host videos embedded in some pages. We selected YouTube for its reliability, familiarity, and ease-of-use.


This website can also embed videos from Vimeo. We do not plan to use Vimeo, but are keeping the function available in case we need a YouTube alternative.

Google Fonts

Both YouTube and Google Tag Manager use Google Fonts. We do not use Google Fonts in any other part of the website.


DoubleClick is a Google service we use to review and optimise some of our online advertising. delivers The Shielded Site.

Learn more about The Shielded Site 

Security tools

We use a number of security tools to protect this website and its visitors.


Google Analytics and YouTube use cookies to deliver their services.

We also set our own cookies to:

  • optimise how our servers load information
  • save your language preference, and carry it through to the online census forms.

These cookies do not store personal information.

You can still use this website if you turn off cookies in your browser. Check the help instructions in your web browser to find out how to do this.


We keep information that you email us private. We do not share your email address with anyone outside Stats NZ or our contact centre unless you permit us to do so.

Requesting your information

You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you.

To request a copy of your personal information, contact our Information Centre.

Freephone: 0508 525 525