From the 2023 Census to the 2023 Disability Survey

Both the 2023 Census and the 2023 Disability Survey will deliver future data for disability services and support.

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21 July 2023

The collection phase of the 2023 Census closed on 30 June 2023. Our thanks to everyone who took part and supported others to return their forms.

Information from the census forms is being used to help prepare for the 2023 Disability Survey, which starts in August 2023. A sample of 25,000 people have been selected from the 2023 Census to take part in the survey.

The Disability Survey is New Zealand’s primary source of data on the prevalence of disability, the experiences and needs of disabled people, and how well they are faring compared with non-disabled people.

The last Disability Survey was held in 2013. With a 10-year collection cycle, there is a high need for updated disability data to support future planning for disability services and support. This survey will inform important decisions for disabled communities for years to come. 

More information about the topics covered in the 2023 Disability Survey can be found on the Stats NZ website.

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There will also be more disability data from the 2023 Census than from previous censuses. The timeframe for releasing this data will be communicated later this year.